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We Are Providing PEO and EOR Services in Turkey

Our professional law firm, providing PEO and EOR services for all your remote teams in Turkey. Employment and employee experience are currently going through a fundamental transformation. Automation through artificial intelligence, data analytics and cloud technology has changed the way organizations employ and manage their workforces. Government policies around hiring and managing a workforce, strengthening labor laws, and a strong focus on compliance are creating huge organizational and HR challenges. Business leaders are now facing unprecedented employment risks and technological disruptions as the pace of these changes continues to accelerate.

PEO & EOR With The Guarantine of a Law Firm

We know that you are tired of struggling to do business with unidentified people.

You have the chance to get PEO EOR services with the guarantee of a law firm.


We are the innovators of yesterday & today, we’ve marked our presence in the entire HR industry for 5 Years Now. We consult, operate, & provide you strategic solutions that boost your organization’s growth, align everything, and enable the most precious assets- People.


PEO (Professional Employer Organization) is an employment solution that enables companies to hire employees anywhere in the Turkey quickly, compliantly, and without the burden of establishing a foreign legal entity.


A+ Law Firm utilizes its Turkish infrastructure and locally-compliant employment contracts to hire your employees, and becomes their legal Employer of Record—so you can focus on running your busines.

Attorney at Law Omer Faruk AYDIN

I am an Attorney at Law focusing on remote work, PEO/EOR. I think the future of work is remote work and I want to contribute the literature on the law of remote work. I am working very hard on this and I creating open-source legal/legal tech projects. I strongly believe in the power of open-source and the law of remote work is going to rise with open-source.

If you have any questions or any ideas about remote work or remote law. Please feel free to contact me from destek@omeraydin.av.tr